No words

international exhibition 04-30 April 2022

The world has changed in a moment

It will never be the same again

The planning horizon has narrowed to

an extremely short period of time

Our future is uncertain, and our past no longer exists.

Emotions run high.

Some words became the distance while others were banned
and now...


We live in a unique époque when every morning may change the life – the way we are waking

up, checking on our feelings, dealing with routine and the way we do our artistic practices, too.

It becomes extremely important to record what everyone feels this long last month.

Anger? Despair?
Horror? Perplexity?
Crash of illusions?

Subjectivity, individual perception and personal point of view are the most precious in the time of propaganda and high pressing from the majorities.

We consider that only personal feelings

can be a true portrait of our time we live in.

PL photography studio, Unit 126, Buspace Studios, London, UK

Our team

Curators: Alisa Lisovskaia, Olga Kotilevskaya

Artists: Julia Chernysheva, Jessica Avarello, Aryuna Tardis, Mariya Tatarnikova, Irina Evseenko, Alina Saffron, Victoria Dini, Elena Otvodenko, Kuznetsova Darya, Margarita Raeva, V Vlasov, Olga Kotilevskaya, Denis Karpenkov, Olga Sorokina, Kamila Banks, Elena Sakharova, Daria Kuvaiskaia, Anna Butenko, Yulia Andreeva, Daria Arendt, Varvara Totibadze, Daria Gamulina, Irene Makarova, Ksenia Ilina, Sonia Baileys, Anastasia Bankova, Anna Tretiakova, Elena Reznikova.

Countries: Russia, Belarus, United Kingdom, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Germany

Julia Chernysheva
Moscow, RU

22.02.22 0.21
Bot art, text-to-image texnology, neural network ruDALL-E

On 02/22/22 at 0.21 I wrote a word which is now banned in the Russian Federation into a text generator and I received 3 images that probably most accurately depict my mixed feelings, for which I could not find the words for already one month: Horror? Perplexity? Despair?

Jessica Avarello
Kaiserslautern, DE

Alienated 29.03.2022
3d art
With 'Alienated' I try to express what no words can.

The eyes, all sad and red from tears, in its empty face staring into nowhere express my feelings where emptiness and sadness take over while thousands of questions shatter me, like this supernova in 'Alienated' shatters them.

Nevertheless, there is still a spark of hope for a better world, which is sent to the Universe by thoughts and prayers embodied by these abstract colourful waves.

I hope that our prayers will be answered and that one day there will only be peace on earth.

Mariya Tatarnikova
Saint Petersburg, RU

The 5 stages of Acceptance
Photography 2022

Iʼve lost my best friend, my childhood love, my everything at once. I really wish that my work could help someone else to realise that even in the darkest of the times there is always our hope.

The artist, Katerina Veselovsaya (model and make up creator here), and I have created 5

characters using special lightning and

paint the to show the transition from one stage to another (denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance).

Today this project has absolutely different meaning to me than it had before. Now, Iʼm thinking about people who have to face death every day, and how the world has changed in one minute. 

Alina Saffron
Saint Petersburg, RU

Nothing but peace

Video 01.03.22

Early in the morning on the 24th of February, I received a text message from a friend and a pop-up newsfeed announced: "No_words have started". I suffered helplessness and anger, all that stood as a canvas before my eyes was narrative identity theory. Two days later a video series of reflections on the subject was created.

"Based on the theory, what is our history defines us as individuals, our area of responsibility and duty to society. We will not be able to make sense of life events and realise what it means to do the right thing by ignoring the past of the society to which we belong.

This theory opposes the teachings of liberalism and individualism, which say: 'We are what we choose to be. I am not responsible for the actions of the government unless I choose to take that responsibility myself."
The philosopher McIntyre speaks of the superficiality and moral blindness of the above approach. It contradicts the sense of collective responsibility defined by historical memory.

We cannot simply shrug off responsibility because we are one with history, and connected to the lives of the generations we succeed in this world. All attempts to ignore the past will result in the deformation of current relationships."

I don't cut it off, our relationship is deformed, but I keep a narrative identity.

Irina Evseenko

Mogilev, BY

Three queens

Graphic based at image design 2022

I created these images of the three queens to show the emotions that dominate in me and I am unable to resist them.

A suffocating haughty fear dominates my chest and turns inside out to horror, to hoarseness. Doubts crawl into consciousness like a snake, confuse thoughts and sting poisonously.

From this poison, everything is in a fog. Freedom, joy and life are not visible. And it's so hard to see the light to open the cage, exhale and find peace. At least for a while, let the inflamed soul rest, fall asleep, dreaming of a calm, peaceful day.

Elena Otvodenko

Moscow, RU

The Egg

Photography 2022

With this project in the genre of modern still life, I want to show what I felt in the

first days after the beginning of the so-called "special operation": pain, anxiety,

fear, confusion, despair. I call this project 'The Egg'.

It is the central object of my photographs. For me the egg is a symbol of life and the fragility of our existence at the same time.

The egg is my life, which crashed in the morning of the February 24th.

Kuznetsova Darya

Moscow, RU

A farewell

Photography 2022

My project is about growing up and the inability to remain the same, about saying goodbye to inner carelessness and innocence.

You can't prepare yourself for change and growing up, and more often than not, we do it abruptly, going through a painful separation. The images of girls-sisters are the embodiment of innocence and childishness.

A state that resembles a frozen, frightened animal rather than the desire to move forward.

Through the objects scattered around the apartment, I wanted to show that you cannot prepare yourself to this kind of event, this meeting takes you by surprise, wherever you are now.

Elena Reznikova

Moscow, RU

Media storm
black ink, paper, 2022
We find ourselves under the constant pressure of dozens of dazzling media channels. Trying to perceive the information pouring randomly and rapidly from these various streams, one inevitably falls into a state of limbo. This is a trap and it can keep a modern human being hostage for a long time.

These ever-expanding media outlets that started out as a promise of an enhanced connection to the outside world, in effect, left us with nothing but an artificial world of illusions and a state of separation from each other and from nature. Such is a modern condition of humanity: sitting in a void as if being frozen, cut off from reality.

Olga Kotilevskaya

London, UK

Still life

Photography 2022

It is collaboration with an amazing artist Ula Saniawa. It was important fo me to show fragility of this world and peace in particular. Ula's sculptures were perfect for this metaphor.

Margarita Raeva

Moscow, RU

Three stages of decay

Digital images 2022

The main feeling of the situation is something similar to being stuck between two worlds - one that has

already been destroyed and the second one that has yet to be created.

Such a situation could be described as a liminal vacuum. Above all, the works reflect a sense of the body in this vacuum.

A body that has been stripped of its limbs and has lost the ability to move, touch, digest. A body which is forced to be a passive witness to the catastrophe, which mimics something alive, but in fact has long been dead.

V Vlasov
Moscow, RU

Sorrowls vs sorrowls

Photo of underground community farm street art 2022

Glance versus glance – no words.

Varvara Totibadze, Tbilisi, GE

Daria Arendt, Moscow, RU


Photography 2022

One day you wake up in a world, where your hands are tied and your lips are sealed.

Only the screens keep broadcasting. Frightening.

Sonia Baileys, London, UK

Daria Arendt, Moscow, RU


Photography, costume design 2022

How do you feel when your world, your personal Garden of Eden that you have been growing with love and hope for the future, dissipates in a matter of moments?

Eviscerated. Fearful of the unknown.

What do we have now? Millions of Gardens destroyed, thousands of stories coming to an abrupt end.

Aryuna Tardis

Moscow, RU


Photography 2022

The idea of this project was born from the reflections over the artist's last relationships. She created a series of the analog photographs on behalf of a partner,

similar to private home photos, exploring the theme of sexuality in relationships and how it can be manifested.

Project was embodied in collaboration with the Flacon Mag.

Denis Karpenkov

Moscow, RU

A170 02 April at 17.02

Photo Triptych 2022

A170 in Moscow photostudio "Apollo" is never empty.

A lot of the most important shots for the Russian fashion industry were done here.

Usually teams of 20-30 people work here, shootings start at 09.00 and end closer to the midnight.

This has been happenning every day till February 24th.

Now the A170 is empty quite often.

Almost all the best specialists in the field moved out to other countries.

Despite this, the studio continues to work.

There are many in Moscow who, on purpose, do not want to leave the young industry, who are ready to support designers, create visuals and develop local culture in new conditions.

Hall A170 is empty. Is his emptiness a crisis or an opportunity?

Elena Sakharova

Volgograd, RU

In the dark I see a girl’s eyes

Oil on wood 2022

'No words' have reached me while I was still in a post pandemia 'bubble', which I was still

trying to shake off.

Last years I was living in a fictional online reality: zoom and kind of it. Ones upon a time sorrow and desperation entered my virtual bubble and spread like an avalanche.

Russian people and people who have connections with Russia suffer this common grief. We share our common feeling of loss: with that horrible 'no words', our Russia barbarically was taken from us. Going out into the real world I'm looking for desperation in bypassers' eyes, because words are forbidden.

But I don't see it.

I live in a tiny village in Volgograd area, where people are disconnected from virtual reality, online sources of information and therefore disconnected from the reality of what's going on, disconnected from the truth. Probably in a big city I would've find response in eyes of people, the confirmation of this pain and sorrow. Ones being at home in the darkness I saw eyes on the wall, between pattern of wallpaper... and I keep seeing them during the nights.

There's Russian word 'mereshitsya', which roughly translates as 'something seems' or 'glimmers indistinctly'. And this wallpaper pattern, that seems for me as a girl's eyes in the dark very specifically reflects my physical condition, which doesn't find any feedback for my feelings in a material world around me.

Kamila Banks
Moscow, RU

Fear of the unknown

Photography 2022

My photo story is about overcoming and living with collective fear, loss and anxiety, coming to terms that paradigm is shifting, and we have no say in any of it, crash of illusions and not feeling the ground under us.

What will come next? We ought to draw upon experiences of our ancestors to move further, perhaps that is how true contact between generations is built, but at what price.

Olga Sorokina
Moscow, RU

The Snow maiden

The series of three works, Oil, paper for oil 2022

The Snow Maiden is a popular Russian folk tale, which probably was inspired by the

story of a temporary return of a dead young lady to the world of the living.

The works are dedicated to the restless spirits of the dead, as well as to the

traumatic unvoiced experience that lies dormant in the wounded soul and is passed

down from one generation to another, similar to the unmourned and unnamed souls of the dead.

Victoria Dini
Bendery, MD
currently based in St Petersburg, RU

Not in my name

Photography, 2022

All the words that I have go only in a package with years of prison now. Photos don't, yet.
Daria Kuvaiskaia
Moscow, RU

Cum tacent, clamant

Digital art, 2022

In my work, I wanted to express the helplessness, numbness, and inability to speak that I am experiencing right now.

Anna Butenko
Moscow, RU

Birch Juice

Digital images, 2022

This vector banner art is created by Anna Butenko in spring 2022 and depicts expectations of this spring vs. reality. Overwhelmed by feelings. No words.

Anna Butenko’s art is deeply rooted in global contemporary events and Russian folklore tradition and culture. Using these starting points she works with her personal and other people’s experiences and feelings with the purpose to create a public space for healing and development through art. The artist’s favorite media are digital art, graphics, video and performance.

Daria Gamulina
Saint Petersburg, RU


Plastic sculpture, photography 2022

I created a plastic sculpture that reminds me of corals and tentacles, genesis and

rebirth. Since February 24th, however,

I have realized that now in this world there is no place for rebirth or evolution. I destroyed my sculpture and photographed what was left of it in poisonous neon light.

The photographs give an uneasy feeling,

like a bad dream, confusing and scary.

My sculpture, previously inspired by

nature, in photographs now looks like maybe a jellyfish from the apocalypse,

like the insides of living beings.

I got to know that when corals are about to die, they turn white. my sculpture is white in poisonous neon.

Irene Makarova
Moscow, RU

Burdened with Light

Oil on canvas 2022

My body can't take in what's going on. I am literally being torn apart from the inside out. The future is no longer an extension of the past. The present has frozen and stopped breathing. The forms of relations, culture and language that were previously familiar are no longer able to withstand the changes that are taking place. Internal pressure reaches critical values. I really hope light will break through the seams and wounds of the world existed before.

Ksenia Ilina
Saint Petersburg, RU

They Are Watching Christmas Movie But It Is March

Street Installation, Photography 2022

People's reaction to the collapse of the familiar world through the denial of reality.

Installation with a Twister game on voluminous concrete structures, the storm retaining wall.

Yulia Andreeva

Varna, BG

Fallen flowers

Digital images 2022

They bloomed

You won't see them again

You can't hold them in your hands

You can't press them to your chest

To the words they are now deaf

To the words they are now dumb

Fallen flowers

Anastasia Bankova
Moscow, RU

Ceramics 2022
I have always worked with personal feelings, emotions and sensuality, through the exposure of experiences, desires and thoughts. Diaries were transferred to canvases, and canvases became diaries. When all that began, the public became private and vice versa. I could not finish these ceramic series in the way it was conceived. “Me” and “you” became “us”. “Us” and "them”.
We - as a whole humanity.
We - as a nation.
We - as those who are against.
With great bitterness I was looking for answers and tried to comprehend why it all happened. This is how the work “Motherland” was born - a chest full of milk and spattered with blood.
Land which gives you life and takes it back.
Anna Tretiakova

Moscow, RU

Rituals: death, mourning, funeral

Digital Photography 2022
Rituals are an integral part of our lives.

Man is made up of rituals and habits in a poetic sense.

Sometimes the poetry can be a sad part of life.

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